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Government cuts to bus funding are threatening local bus routes and the people across the UK who rely upon them. Many vital bus routes are being axed by local authorities and bus operators leaving many people stranded and isolated.

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Local bus services across the country are becoming increasingly difficult to access for residents in need of reliable transport. According to research conducted by the Local Government Association, subsidised bus services have taken a significant hit in 2016 – with options being cut by over 12% over the last twelve months. But what can be done to save our local bus services?

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The Cuts in Number


Subsidies to routes have been reduced by £78m since 2010, with another £27m under threat this year.


63% of councils in England and Wales cut bus funding this year, while 44% withdrew services.


40 authorities throughout England and Wales have cut 10% or more from their funding for buses in 2015-2016.

The devastating impact on society

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A logical & economical solution

In response to the worrying bus cuts, the manager of Mellor, Mr. John Randerson, wrote a letter to the transport minister highlighting a key reason why the bus industry is currently losing money.

“Many people assume that the buses simply don’t get enough passengers – but the truth is that the real problem is that buses aren’t appropriately sized.

One of the measures local authorities could take is to invest in SIZE APPROPRIATE BUSES, a solution we believe is the right one to take in most situations.”

The benefits of size appropriate buses

Let's take a look at the differences between a size appropriate bus and a traditional small bus

Size Appropriate

  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • More miles/gallon
  • Modern vehicles = lower maintenance costs
  • Cheaper to operate
  • Easier access down narrow roads
  • Less capacity = less empty seats

Traditional Small Bus

  • Higher CO2 emissions
  • Less miles/gallon
  • Older vehicles = higher maintenance costs
  • More expensive to operate
  • Struggle down narrow roads
  • Higher capacity = more empty seats
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How can you help?

Download the Campaign for Better transport guide and help raise immediate awareness by sharing the #saveyourlocalbus image below